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Starting Fall 2024
2-Mile Walk Zone by lora.rantanen

Welcome to the Transportation Dept.

Safety is the first responsibility of the Thief River Falls Transportation Department.  Students are expected to follow the same behavioral standards while riding the school bus as are expected on school property or at school activities, functions or events.  Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right.

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TRF School Bus

Transportation Department Contact Information

Transportation Director

Ronnie Skallet

Administrative Assistant

Jason Forte


Abby Thorpe



When emergency situations occur, including weather conditions, the decision to close schools, start later or dismiss early will be made by the Superintendent or his/her designee. To receive notifications make sure your contact information is current with transportation and your student's building secretary.


Safety for students and staff is our first priority. When weather conditions are questionable, the district's transportation director will do considerable checking of road conditions. Since the school district is very large, it is impossible to determine the conditions in every sector on any given day.


Even if school is in session, families are asked to assess their particular situation and determine whether or not it is safe for their child(ren) to attend school on a particular day. Please plan with your child what you will do in a school closing emergency.


In the event that school must be delayed or closed a School Messenger phone call, text message or email will be made to families and staff from the District Office.

Announcements will also be made on:

  1. AM Radio:  KTRF 1230 AM TRF Radio 
  2. TV: WDAZ 8 & KVLY
  3. School District Facebook Site:  Thief River Falls Public Schools - ISD 564