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Checklist for Staff/Former Employees

Checklist for Staff Leaving & Former Employees


Accounts for staff employees leaving District 564 will stop working 5 days after your last day of employment.  

Access to files & services including District 564 email, HR/Financials/Student systems, Google Calendar, Google Drive and other accounts on the myprowler network will end at that time. You should meet with your supervisor or department head to go over these details in advance of your end date.


What am I allowed to download?

Stick with Personal as your keyword when considering any folder or file. Items that SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED in your downloads (but are not limited to), such as:

  • Fiscal data or budget/account information
  • Curriculum Items that were purchased using District funding
  • Outgoing and incoming correspondence (emails with students, parents, other staff members; records of parent contacts, etc.)
  • ANY student data
  • Names, addresses, other contact information
  • Testing Data or Scores
    Student Work (including Google Classroom Folders. Please check as these can be cleverly hidden.)
  • Any Assessment Data or Student Grade Information
  • Reports and Data pertaining to the District that are not shared publicly
  • Minutes from meetings pertaining to your school building or Dist. 564.


Exiting Employee Checklist

Things to do BEFORE your end date:


Transition Checklist: