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Results: November 2023 Vote

District voters have rejected the referendum to stabilize our district's budget and provide new funding support for student learning and technology.

Preliminary vote totals are (100% of Precincts reporting):

Question One:

Seeks to authorize a new operating levy of $750 per-pupil for a 10-year term.

YES ✅: 1,150 (46.81%)
NO ❌: 1,307 (53.19%)


Questions Two & Three were contingent upon Question One passing.


Question Two:

Seeks to authorize a capital projects levy (CPL) of $800,000 per year for a 7-year term.
YES ✅: 965 (39.5%)
NO❌: 1,478 (60.50%)

Question Three: 

Seeks to authorize an additional operating levy of $407 per-pupil for a 10-year term.
YES ✅: 958 (39.17%)
NO ❌: 1,488 (60.83%)


View Details from the Office of MN Secretary of State.

We respect the decisions made by our community. Looking ahead, the school board will consider the remaining options to balance our budget as well as the impact of this decision on our schools.

Thank you to everyone who engaged with our district and offered feedback throughout the referendum process.


Sample Ballot

Sample Ballot